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Schwob School of Music offers competitive scholarships and affordable tuitions for all applicants.

Some typical scholarship types

Woodruff Awards

The Woodruff Scholarship, intended for entering undergraduates, provides a five thousand dollar ($5,000) annual stipend in addition to tuition, housing and meals. The Woodruff Scholarship is renewable for up to four years for a total value of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) in stipend, plus tuition, housing and meals each year. Click HERE to read more.


Numbers of new students walk into Schwob school with Woodruff Scholarship every year. It is competitive, but if you are a strong bassoon candidate, you may be qualified for a FREE college degree here at Schwob with 4 years living expenses paid by the school, plus receiving $5,000 free money every year. 



Graduate Assistantship

If you are a MM candidate, you may be eligible to become the GA in the studio. Schwob School offers tuition waiver plus stipend for this position. Actual amount of the stipend is determined by the funding of the year and the level of your playing.



Undergrad Scholarship

Undergraduate scholarships range from small awards to full tuition, plus housing and food allowances. There is no separate scholarship application for music scholarships (with the exception of the Woodruff Award, see below)--students are eligible if they are accepted to CSU and play a successful audition by our last official audition date.

Honors College

Students accepted into the Honors College may eligible to apply for Presidential, Tower, and University Scholarships. The Presidential Scholarship is an annual, renewable scholarship of up to $5,000. The Tower Scholarship is an annual, renewable scholarship of up to $2,500. Both the Presidential and Tower Scholarships may be renewed up to four years and include a one-time study abroad stipend of up to $3,200 that may be used when the Honors scholar reaches their junior year. The University Scholarship is a one-time scholarship, valued at $1,000 that may be converted to a Tower Scholarship (less the study abroad stipend), based on the student's performance during the freshman year. Click HERE to read more.

Affordable Tuition

As of Fall 2022, instate tuition for undergrad is $182.13 per credit, and $210.00 per credit for grad student. CSU offers instate tuition for residents live in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. Click HERE to read more.

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