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Current Studio

Every bassoon student arrives at Schwob with a different set of skills, and we work together, setting and working towards new goals each year. Graduating students leave with more confidence, curiosity, and the ability to continue working towards their career goals, whatever those may be.

Erik Lopez Reyes.jpg

Erik Lopez Reyes

Erik is from Mexico, and he started to play bassoon when he was 18 years old in Toluca city, Mexico. He had the opportunity to learn from great people as musicians and as persons. Erik thinkmusic changed his life completely and he wants to help to others to get the opportunities than life
gave to him. Erik enjoys watch and play any sports.


Aaron Lanning

Hi! I'm Aaron Lanning, I'll be completing my last year at CSU this year. I grew up in Macon, GA where I've lived my whole life. My mother was an opera singer, and is now a vocal professor, so I grew up exposed to classical music all the time. I started playing bassoon in 6th grade, after trying a multitude of different instruments, the bassoon finally clicked with me. From there I wanted to be a part of everything that I could around me. I joined a local youth orchestra, and then I commuted to find one of better quality. I have performed side by side with the ASO, worked with their first chair, Andrew Brady privately for two years.

Reeve Coble.jpg

Reeve Coble

My name is Reeve Coble, and I am a sophomore. I am originally from Marietta, GA. When I am not playing bassoon or making reeds, I like to cook good food, watch TV, spend time with loved ones, and listen to music. To clarify, I am the one on the right in the picture, the one on the left is my cat, Piper.

Donovan Nagel.jpg

Donovan Nagel

I have been playing Bassoon since I was in middle school in Ola Middleschool at McDonough, GA. I chose to play the bassoon rather than getting forced into it. Something about it being different caught my eyes and the fact no one could play it at the time from the high school. I have also played Cello in the string orchestra since middle school. Whilst in highschool I also began dabbling in composing music, having one of my arrangements performed. But myself as a person, I see myself as a bit weird, but trying to be positive about everything, always being supportive of family & friends.


Aldo Castro

I am a bassoon player from Tegucigalpa, Honduras and I have been playing the Bassoon since I am 12 years old. I never imagined I was going to pursue bassoon professionally since my first instrument was drums set. My hobbies are playing soccer, swimming, and video games. 


Michael Christian Alvord

My name is Michael Christian Alvord, I am a fourth year music education, psychology, and musicology major. I am born and raised in Georgia and I like competing in various video games and soccer! I am still fairly new to bassoon, I have been playing for about 4 years now but have played principal bassoon in the Georgia youth symphony orchestra for a year in 2018 and performed with a trio inside the state capital. A couple things that I am interested in are music therapy, playing for a movie or video game sound track, symphony orchestras, and opera! I hope that in the future I can have many opportunities to perform and later start a business in music therapy.

Joshua Solis.jpg

Joshua solis

I am Joshua solis and I graduate in 2026! I am from savannah Georgia and have been playing bassoon since 2018! I am originally a saxophone player but switched to bassoon because of the warm low reed sound! Some of my hobbies gaming, building computers, and composing/arranging music!


Gavin Vaverchak

Hi, my name's Gavin Vaverchak and I'm a Freshman attending CSU. I was born in Scranton, PA before moving to Blackshear, GA where I attended highschool. I started playing the bassoon in my freshman year of highschool, where I was accepted into the All-District and South Region Honor Bands multiple years. Besides cresting music with other people, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, reading, and playing games in my free time.

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