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About the Studio

Schwob Bassoonists are dedicated and personable, supporting and learning from one another in weekly reed and studio classes, and performing together in the large ensembles as well as chamber groups and the Schwob Bassoon Ensemble. The Schwob Bassoon Ensemble has performed at the Encuentro Nacional de Fagot in Mexico City, the annual Schwob Kaleidoscope concert, and most recently they premiered several new works for the 2021 International Double Reed Society Virtual Conference. Checkout our videos in the recording page.

Some ongoing project for Fall 2022 Semester



We are writing a practice book together as a studio. Everyone is contributing to the project and benefit from the publication experience!



Bassoon ensemble

We are rehearsing bassoon ensemble works through out the semester. We will work with Schwob Audio tech studio in early spring make our own video productions. They will be posted here in the recording page too!



Masterclasses events

We are planning on inviting bassoonists across the United State to join us on campus for recitals and studio masterclasses. The next guest bassoonist will be Prof. Yoon Joo Hwang from University of Central Florida!

Social Activities

Everyone in the studio is friend with each other. We go out frequently for social activities as a group. We had beginning semester coffee, First week pizza party. And we will have bowling, hiking and many more events throughout the semester. 

And many more





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